established in 1998


It’s been over twenty years now... I never fathomed this when I was naming Milk in my cool guy loft on Chicago’s west side back in ‘98. It’s sort of funny, the name MILK came while drinking coffee with a couple friends because of the way the letters looked on the carton. Of course – everyone still thinks my name is Joe Milk… ☺

We’ve been blessed to work in some of the most beautiful homes and offices in North America. We have worked through two recessions, 9/11 and every other man-made or self-imposed catastrophe you can think of.

We’ve learned so much and experienced the ups and downs of entrepreneurship together with a lot of support from our suppliers, tool houses, and clients.

We’ve made some friends for life, business partners and learned much from our long list of clients over the years. I would say this is the best part of our story, our clients, true gifts.

What’s next? Well, we are in our 5th and largest shop since our humble beginnings on the 3rd floor of a loft building. We have cool new automated tools and a great attitude.

We are well.

We have the same core group of artisans that have been with Milk for over 15 years and one for 19 years!

The future holds a lot for us.

We will continue being the premiere stair and railing company in North America, continue to forge new and amazing relationships with the people we meet and definitely continue growing in the artistic and creative way that has eternally fueled us here.

I am still the guy you get to speak to here.

We have no plans to scale up.

We have plans to stay small and special and keep enjoying coming to work every day.

Joe Colosi